Day 38: Time Warp Tuesday #4

A simple Time Warp Tuesday photo.

When Bailey was a puppy we took him kayaking once.  He had his adorable little life-jacket, and I snapped some photos of him before we went.  You can tell he didn’t (and doesn’t) agree about his life-jacket being so adorable.

As he grew, he obviously outgrew his life-jacket.  I could barely get it on him now.  The velcro part around his body doesn’t overlap at all anymore, although the straps still buckle if I extend them out as far as they can go.  The part that goes around his neck just barely reaches with the velcro, however there is no hope of it buckling unless we want to choke the life out of him, which we don’t.  I kind of like my puppy being able to breathe. That might also defeat the purpose of a “life”jacket.  You can see how it only covers 1/2 of his body now.

Despite the fact that Bailey will never use this life jacket ever again, I still have it.  I’m a hoarder when it comes to Bailey’s old stuff, much to Craig’s complaints.  I don’t know why, but I have a hard time throwing out Bailey’s things, even though he will clearly never use them again.  We have a box (or a couple)  full of old, 1/2 killed toys.  Why do we have them in a box and they haven’t gotten trashed a lot time ago?  I have no clue.  I don’t know if its a sentimental thing or just pure laziness.  Probably a bit of both.

Fun fact, Jay’s new dad (which will be official tonight most likely) actually works at the kayak rental place where we went kayaking with Bailey.  We should probably get Bailey a new lifejacket so we can go kayaking again this summer and visit Jay since he’ll be accompanying his dad to work :)

The original photo:

I still can’t believe Bailey’s hair used to be that straight.


14 Comments to “Day 38: Time Warp Tuesday #4”

  1. Oh, I just LOVE Bailey in his life jackets, especially the bottom photo where he’s all fuzzy! I think those old dog toys and clothes are sometimes as hard to get rid of as our children’s things from when they were babies – they’re just so very special! :)

    • Yea, the old photo was from when he was a puppy. I definitely get more attached to Bailey’s things than he does. It is going to be horrible when I actually have kids. We are going to need a lot of storage space in our house lol

  2. I love Bailey and (risingdaisy’s comment)- I love him and I have never met him. I use to work in a nursing home…I did the Security at the front desk…well, the guests or family were allowed to bring there dogs into this place, and I had treats for each dog. I loved one named Charlie and he looks a lot like Bailey. I really love him.

  3. I forgot to subscribe before and can’t find any other way to do it without leaving another comment. :)

  4. Beautiful photo of Bailey! I love how the shiny floor makes him glow.

  5. That’s a really cute life jacket. I think we are going to try and find ones that will fit Dachshunds so we can take Chester and Gretel kayaking with us this summer.

  6. Very cute! I’m not sure which Bailey is cuter – puppy Bailey or grown-up Bailey!

    And again, we’re on the same wavelength (post soon to follow). We’re clearly twins in another universe haha!

    • He looks so much different than he did as a puppy. I personally think he is cuter now as an adult lol

      and Clearly we are. We definitely have to meet someday lol.

  7. I am so with you on hoarding their things. I have several travel bags and clothing items (Gus loathes clothes) that he grew out of years ago, but I can’t part with them!

    I love that life jacket. We plan on taking Gus kayaking during our trip and it’s on our list of things to buy. Hopefully we can find one as cute as Bailey’s.

    • The brand of Bailey’s life jacket is “Paws Aboard!” They come in multiple different colors and designs and they are made really well. They are secured with both strong velcro as well as buckles. There is a hook for a leash and a handle so you can pull them up out of the water by the jacket. When we get Bailey a new one, we’ll definitely be getting the same one, just in the next size :)

  8. I bought a Paws Aboard life jacket for my Spike, a rat terrier. It didn’t fit very well. Bailey’s fits like a glove! rvsue

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