Day 37: Jay… the dog with the ever changing ears

One thing I love about Jay is that his ears change all the time based on his mood.  Normally they are both up, angled out to the side. When he is alert, they both stand straight up.   Sometimes one is up and one is down.  When he is walking or running, they are both folded back flat on his head (more aerodynamic that way lol).

When he is sleepy though, they are both flopped over.  It is so cute.  I walked out in the living room and saw them both flopped over and had to grab my camera to snap a photo.  It’s not the best photo composition wise from a photography viewpoint, but I didn’t want to make any movements that would “alert” him and make his ears stand back up.

Here is also a bonus photo from last night.  Bailey’s “time out” place during play sessions is normally under our coffee table because the foster dogs are normally too big to fit under there as well. However our coffee table is moved out of the living room still because of the party on Saturday.   So he had to improvise and hid under our butcher block cart in the kitchen instead. Jay just laid next to it and was like “C’mon!  Come back out and play!”

(Have I mentioned before that I really hate indoor lighting?)

Have a good Monday!


12 Comments to “Day 37: Jay… the dog with the ever changing ears”

  1. Its nice to be small. They can fit into all the nooks and crannies. Your watermark looks fantastic. I gave you a photo idea for Bailey over in a comment reply on my blog.

  2. I’m loving your pictures! You’re definitely a skilled photographer. I’m a huge fan of doggie ears, too. Especially dogs with floppy ears. Whenever Oscar trots or runs, I get a kick watching his ears flop up and down, up and down. BTW, I think Bailey’s overbite is absolutely adorable!

    • Thank you :) Jay’s normal ears are upright with a slight flop to them. However I think its so funny how both his ears completely flop over when he is tired. It amuses me how they change their positions.

      Baileys underbite is pretty darn cute. It gives him character lol

  3. Hi there,

    My Mum goes into stealth mode too trying to catch me unaware so she can get yet more pics of me – I’ve even known her to sneakily switch the sound of on her camera so I can’t hear it when she takes a picture, very sneaky……:)

    Especially love the pic of Bailey hanging out under the block,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    • Yup, sometimes us people need to be sneaky. Luckily with Bailey, he is not camera shy in the least so I don’t need to be sneaky with him. He loves the camera :) Jay is pretty photogenic as well. Your mom just wants more pictures of you because you are so cute :)

  4. Dogs always move as soon as you reach for the camera :) If only we ccould implant a camera in our eye and snap a photo whenever we saw an opportunity :)

    • That’s probably why I take so many pictures with my phone … It’s easier to sneak up on them that way. : )

      • Yea, thats a good idea. I’m not a fan of my phone on my camera though. It does okay with some things, but it has a really hard time exposing Bailey correctly because he’s so light. He is always glowing in the photo. I don’t really have that problem with Bailey though in having to sneak up. He isn’t scared of the camera lol

    • That would be so nice. There are always moments I wish I could capture but even if I had a camera in my hands, I wouldn’t be able to get it.

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