Day 35: Party Animals

So what do you do when you are planning on having an outdoor birthday party with 10 dogs, but the weather forecast is 43 degrees Fahrenheit  and 30mph wind gusts?

You bring it inside.  Yup, you probably think I’m crazy now.

The weather was definitely not on our side today, and there was no way that anyone would be happy hanging out outside for a couple hours in this cold weather.  It figures…  We’ve had some beautiful spring weather the past couple weeks, but of course today, the day of Bailey’s party, it drops back into the 40s.  I didn’t want to cancel last minute and have to try to arrange another weekend, so we made the only logical choice.  We had the party indoors.

10 dogs of varying sizes from 9 to 85 lbs and 10 people in our tiny little condo.  It worked out okay though.  We cleared out our living room to make more room.  Yea, the dogs couldn’t run around like they would if we had it outside, but there was still some playing going on.  Best of all, the people got to stay warm.  I would have been darn right miserable if we were outside.

I took some photos during the party, but bad indoor lighting and lots of dogs moving around and getting in the way didn’t make for any worthy photos.  I may post some up later if I can salvage some, but overall it wasn’t a great day for photos.  I did take some video of one of Bailey’s friends Brewster on a conquest to fit every single toy in the living room in his mouth and then pace around the room with them.  I think the highest he got up to was 6.  I’ll try to get that up if it turned out any good.  It was entertaining.

Bailey and Jay have been completely passed out since everyone left.  Bailey did take some time to open his birthday presents first though.


11 Comments to “Day 35: Party Animals”

  1. Happy Birthday Bailey! Glad you had a great birthday!

    • Thanks :) His actual birthday was last week but today was his party :) I think its safe to say he had a great time, as he has been passed out sleeping since the party ended lol

  2. Glad you could improvise and have a good time anyway, I am relieved to know that bad indoor lighting and wiggly dogs isn’t just a problem for ME when taking photographs :)

    • Yup it’s tough. Natural lighting makes things so much better and easier, but even though the party was mid-afternoon, we didn’t have much of it. Dumb cloudy overcast day not giving us any good natural light through the windows.

      It was even harder because with 10 dogs in such a little room, I would have a shot set up of someone then all of a sudden someone elses butt is in the frame, even when my subject wasn’t moving.

  3. I really, really want to see a picture of brewster. I hope they came out. Did Bailey get any good goodies for all the troubles?

    • I’ll see what I can salvage. While I tried taking many photos of him, he would not stand still (he just kept pacing around with all the toys in his mouth) and being a black dog, it was hard to focus on him.

      Bailey got 6 toys total from his party today. His favorite is a stuffed hedgehog.

  4. Sounds like all was great in the end. Bet you will sleep well too ;-). I hear you on the multiple dog and bad indoor lighting, reminds me of the dog daycare I ran.. clone stamp was my best friend. I hope the video came out, sounds hilarious

    • Oh sleep well we did. Even after everyone left, we were just so tired that we couldn’t even bring ourselves to clean up. We still need to move back the big center rug and the coffee table and clean up leftover food in the kitchen. It was a good time and worth it though :)

  5. It sounds like quite an event! You are very good mom!

    • He’s such a well behaved boy and so happily shares his home and toys and people with our foster dogs on a regular basis. We really couldn’t ask for a better dog. Some people may think it’s silly that we throw birthday parties for him, but for all he does, he deserves a day and a party that is all about him :)

  6. I would have done the same thing! It was cold here all weekend too, and rainy today.

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