Day 34: Trust and Strange Places

I was racking my brain for today’s photo. Where can I take a picture of Bailey?  What can I have him doing? The juices were NOT flowing.

Until I walked down our stairs to get the mail from the foyer. I looked to my left and saw the old antique cupboard that has been sitting there for God knows how long.  This cupboard along with a desk just showed up one day in our foyer.  I have no idea why they are there.  They aren’t ours.  The stairway also leads to the person who lives on the floor above us.  Maybe they are hers?  She picked them up somewhere and has no room for them in her actual place so they are in the stairway?  I have no clue, but I am thankful for that cupboard being randomly there as it made for a good photo today.

It is yet another example of how Bailey puts up with us, well, me.  I put him in trees.  I stick him in toyboxes.  I put him on the top shelves of cupboards where he just barely fits and can’t escape.  Most dogs would be freaking out.  Most dogs would be flailing around and you wouldn’t be able get them into the shelf in the first place.  Most dogs… well, most dogs wouldn’t even fit lol.  Bailey was a little “Ummm what are you doing, Mom?” in the beginning and a little shakey and unsettled.  Then he saw me grab my camera and was like “Ooooooooh, I am posing here for today’s picture?  Fine… I guess I’ll make myself comfortable” and then he just laid down and relaxed.

I love how much he trusts me and that relationship that we have.  Even though I put him up in high unnatural places for dogs, he knows that he is still safe and knows that I would never put him in a situation where he will get hurt.  He is a true example of what it means to put 100% of your trust in someone.


You probably noticed the new watermark, and I mentioned in the last post that there is new branding to take over instead of “KB Photography.”  I have finally come up with a new name for my pet photography.  “Photography Unleashed”  I’ve decided to take the steps to make my pet photography more of a reality. It started with the new camera upgrade.  Now, I have a name for myself, and I’m going to continue to learn and practice and hopefully getting some more variety in my portfolio. Not that Bailey isn’t the best doggy model ever.  Maybe I’ll get to the point that someone will actually like my work enough to pay me to take photos of their pets.  Who knows, but the name is a start, and I’m excited about it :)


19 Comments to “Day 34: Trust and Strange Places”

  1. Heres to wishing you lots of luck with your new aspirations. Get some business cards for your blog. You can hand them out and try to drum up oppertunities to photo others pets.

    • Thanks Sara :) Business cards are definitely a next step. Plus, I think it would be cool to actually have a business card lol. Being a teacher, thats not really common lol

  2. We wish we lived by you so you could practice on Chester and Gretel :) Congratulations on the new branding. I have been practicing pet photography for a while. I hope to upgrade my equipment this year and try and make it a paying hobby. I wish I was half as good as you are though. I am still learning.

    • I would love to photograph Chester and Gretel if we lived near each other. Thank you for the compliments :) I think I have come quite a bit in my photography but I also have a long way to go

      • Yeah, I don’t think we will be in Boston anytime soon. Ha, ha. Go for the business cards. Moo Cards are great becase you can put your photos on one side so people can be reminded of your work. I just ordered my free sample 10-pack the other day. I did pay the extra $5.95 to remove the advertisement.

  3. LOVE the name, well done and good luck with it. These shots are very cute.. old mother hubbard comes to mind lol. These shots remind me of some I took of Luna yesterday. Though I did not place her there directly she jumped up there. You will just have to wait and see.

    And I agree with Sara, business cards are next. Check out they are great
    Have a great weekend

    • I actually just read about Moo from an entry The Daily Toki had about them. Definitely going to check them out. Thank you and I can’t wait to see the photos of Luna :)

  4. Wow I LOVE it!!! And I’d pay you to shoot my guys … If you’re ever brave enough to come down to po-dunk Virginia :-P

  5. Your right, very few dogs would do that! Bailey is amazing as he is cute. I love this idea, such a find today for you. Who would of thought? I bet your always on the hunt now for things like this, it’s the creative part of being a photographer and you are well on your way!!

  6. Love the message about trust — and also the name ‘Unleashed’ for your photography. So creative!

  7. Good name very apt, and what a super photo shoot, and such a good model. Is he ‘on the shelf’ waiting for a Mrs Bailey perhaps.
    I hope you get renumeration form your work it’s not easy, I struggle to get commissions with my

  8. Love the new name and watermark! I think it’s great that you’re working on turning your photography into more than a hobby. I hope it works out well for you!

    • Thank you :) I hope so too. I just need to work on having more confidence in my work. I’m my own worst enemy and I fear that is going to be the thing that hols me back most, but I’m taking the steps so we’ll see where it goes!

  9. Hi Kristen – I love the photo, the watermark, and the name. Sometimes figuring out the little things (like a name and logo) can have a huge impact in getting the ball rolling. It makes everything feel official, which frees you to act the part.

    I’m also glad to see the suggestions for ; ) If you do decide to go with multiple photos, I suggest starting out with a small order. Because every time I get a new batch of cards, I notice that there are some photos that I love giving out, and others that I don’t like giving out. So then I go back and make a second order of a pared down set of the photos. You might be better at editing yourself though!

    • Thank you :) I’m definitely pleased with it and it does give that extra boost to get the ball rolling.

      I’ve been looking into, and my business card purchase will most likely be with them.. It will just take me forever to decide what my design will look like. Thanks for the tip about smaller quantities so I can figure out which ones I like giving out.

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