Day 31: Time Warp Tuesday #3

Today’s Time Warp Tuesday just didn’t work out the way I wanted.  We were trying to recreate the following photo, which is pretty much one of my favorite photos of Bailey and Craig.  It was taken the first night that we brought Bailey home.  It was absolutely candid.  I was taking just normal pictures of them both on the chair smiling, and I managed to capture this photo in the perfect moment.

The problem with recreating this photo is that Bailey has been trained to pose for my camera.  As soon as he sees it, he is looking at me so I can take his picture… which is great, except for when I am trying to capture moments like the one above.  We couldn’t get him interested in giving his daddy a kiss because “Mommy’s big black box is out, and I’m supposed to look at her whenever she puts it up to her face.”  After many attempts and ideas to trick Bailey with food on Craig’s mouth, we gave up.  Bailey was getting frustrated as well.  “I don’t know what you want from me, Mom! I’m looking at the black box!”

Today’s entry also marks 1 month for my blog being online :)  With over 7,500 hits, I think we’ve had a pretty great start :)  I’m also 1/12 of the way finished with my 365 project.  Thanks to everyone who bothers to read :)


7 Comments to “Day 31: Time Warp Tuesday #3”

  1. Some people have a terrible time getting their pet to pose for the camera. You have the opposite trouble. hmm next time trick him with a different camera, like the one on your phone. And hide around a corner might work. But Baileys pretty smart and probably hard to trick.

    • I considered breaking out the tripod and remote shutter for the picture so I could trick his attention some how, but then I was worried about lag in taking the photo. My finger is faster than my wireless remote.

  2. well even if it didn’t work out like you wanted.. it’s a good recreation that still holds true to where he is now. The photography is better, comp too, so it did not fail the tuesday challenge at all. Cute that you taught him to look at the camera, but I can see how that would be a problem. Will he default to that outside even? I never taught Luna to look at camera, usually just use a treat and “watch”or a stick/leaf/bug whatever is handy really. Sometimes she complies other times she just wants to be released and will ignore me. Dogs ;-). I am surprised the food on lips did not work though.

    • It isn’t something I necessarily taught him. It was kinda an indirect training of the behavior. He just got so used to me taking his picture and understood the fact that I wanted him to look at me when I had my camera out. Now he just does it automatically.

      Outside, he is still pretty good about looking at me. He does get distracted and interested in his own things though of course, so makes for some not dead-on facing photos, but if I want his attention, he usually gives it to me..

  3. Congratulations on your 1 month. The only time I can get photos of Chester and Gretel is when they are posing. Otherwise, they are moving too fast and all I get are dog butts and ears. Ha, ha.

  4. Congrats on your one-month blogoversary! I think the recreated photo turned out wonderful. It’s so great you caught such a sweet photo of Bailey on his first day with you. I bet that will always be a favorite. :)

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