Day 30: Dog Parks Relieve Stress… For People

When the weather is nice, we take Bailey to the park daily.  Honestly, it is more for me than for him. There is nothing more relaxing for me than watching dogs play.

Something about just watching them run around and wrestle and play.  It’s therapeutic.  It is as though there is not a worry in the world, and the only thing that matters is chewing on each others faces (Bailey and Gaston’s favorite activity) and who can catch each other in a game of chase.

I was in a really bad mood earlier today.  Work wasn’t particularly bad… just tiring.  On top of that, some other incidents at home just really hit a nerve.  However after some time at the dog park, my spirits are high again.  It was just what I needed – to be able to sit in the grass, sun in my face, and watch the pups let out all their pent up energy.  As they let out their energy, my stress goes along with it.

Here are some extra photos, in case you are also in need of a Monday Pick-Me Up.

and last but not least… One tired out, dirty faced puppy.


20 Comments to “Day 30: Dog Parks Relieve Stress… For People”

  1. Great photos! I’m glad you included all of them. Sadie actually prefers the smaller dogs Baileys size at the dog park we go to. She seems so much more comfortable with them.

  2. love love love these pics! they all look so adorable playing around. I also get ridiculously relaxed just going to the dog park and watching the pups wrestle and run around. God I wish I was a dog…

  3. Whoa! Great action shots and how wonderfully you caught each dog’s expression in the heat of the moment of wrestle play! It’s so great that you have a dog park where dogs can be dogs. You know, of course, dogs are pack animals and they love to be part of a pack. It’s pretty clear by the photos you took, these guys are in their element. :D

    • Thank you :) We are lucky to live in such a dog friendly place. There is a big variety of places we can take the dogs to play :) They definitely love it.

  4. Very cute photos. And I agree, the dog park is definitely a serene place (that is, unless your “bossy Aussies” start yelling at you to throw their ball/frisbee/whatever haha).

    • Haha yea, I don’t need to worry about that. Bailey could care less about fetch/frisbees, although sometimes it annoys me when he insists on digging and makes me get up every 5 seconds to get him away from the hole he has started.

  5. Taking the dogs for a walk and getting some great photos always helps get rid of my stress :) For the thrid photo down. something didn’t look right but it took me a second to actually see three dogs there. Kind of like one of those illusion photos. Ha, ha.

  6. great photos and not easy ones to capture. Very well exposed and nice DOF. Cute cute.

    • Thanks Anna :) It took a bit of playing with my settings in the beginning to get the best photos in the bright sun. I’m very happy with the results from today, especially getting so many good action shots :)

  7. Amazing pictures! I love your blog and the 365 project. It got me thinking, will she ever run out of creative pictures to post? It’s almost inevitable and if it happens, maybe you could have your readers send pictures of their dogs? Even better, pictures of dogs they rescued/adopted. Just a thought.

    • Thank you :) It IS inevitable that I will run out of creative photos. Hopefully I can last the 365 days at least for the project. I’ve considered having reader submitted pictures when that day comes so I can keep up with the “daily” aspect of my blog, while not totally stressing myself over producing the photos myself. It is something I’ll deal with when the time comes.

  8. My biggest challenge is capturing action shots, but you managed it really well with Bailey, Jay, and Gaston! The pictures are terrific. It looks like the whole troupe had a great time at the dog park. It’s one of our favourite places to hang out, too :D

  9. Aww…beautiful photos!
    Thanks for giving me a smile today! :D

  10. I am in 100% agreement that it is therapeutic to watch dogs play. They are so much better at enjoying the moment for what it is, understanding their place among all, and stating that clearly. The pictures you captured as just wonderful, Kristen.

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