Day 29: Knick-Knack Paddywack… A Post About Safe Dog Chews

So when visiting the pet store that I wrote about yesterday, we picked up a couple new treats/chews for Bailey and Jay.

First off let me say, that I am always on the look-out for new safe chews for dogs.  I am absolutely against rawhide, due to the fact that it is not digestible.  If dogs break off and swallow large pieces, it can swell up in their intestines and cause blockages.  Now there are some dogs that eat rawhide every day of their life and never have any incidents with it.  Heck, my family dog (a big yellow lab) growing up, ate rawhide all the time, and he never had a problem. However knowing the potential dangers, I am not willing to take that risk with Bailey, especially due to his size.  In addition, they provide no nutritional value anyway.

Bully sticks (if you can get past what they actually were before they were made into dog treats) can be a safe alternative.  They last fairly long, and are completely digestible.  However, they don’t sit well with Bailey, and it isn’t a pretty side-effect if you get what I’m saying.

Now we give Bailey raw bones at times to help keep his teeth clean and healthy.  However they are usually messy so he has to eat them in his crate.  They aren’t just something he can carry around the house with him.

Antlers are another good choice.  Some dogs go crazy over them.  Bailey shows little interest in his, and usually its only if a foster dog shows interest.  They are also very hard, and I get worried about Bailey chipping a tooth on them when he gets a little overzealous in his chewing.  But overall, they can be a great option for many dogs.

So anyways, onto what we bought yesterday.

Free Range Grass Fed Buffalo Treats from Canine Caviar.  The Buffalo graze on open grassland & natural grass,  are not fed manufactured feed, and are hormone free.  They have a variety of different chews coming from various buffalo parts.  The buffalo treats are meaty and give dogs a long-lasting, satisfying chew which help to reduce tarter and keep their teeth and gums healthy.  Because they are completely digestible, they are a great safe option.

So as with most dog chews, you are probably wondering how long they last?

We purchased 2 different types yesterday.  The first one being Paddywacks which are “Dehydrated Buffalo neck meat.”  They may look similar to your average dehydrated jerky treat for dogs, but they are rather thick and dense which means they last quite a while.  Bailey and Jay were chewing on theirs for about an hour.  Little Bailey barely made a dent in his 6″ strip.  He tries so hard, but he is not a very strong chewer.  Jay was a more aggressive chewer, and finished off about half of his, but the chewing definitely slowed down as he made further progress.  I took them away for now, and will let them continue on them later.   The second type we purchased were the Buffaroos and they are “Dehydrated Buffalo Trachea.”  We haven’t tested those yet, but they are also very rugged and should be pretty long lasting.

They come in various sizes for different dogs, most usually being either 6 inches or 12 inches.  These aren’t going to be treats that last a week around the house, but they should be good for a couple hours depending on the strength of your chewer.  For a dog like Bailey,  his will last him as long as he can keep it away from Jay :P

Overall, I’m really pleased with these chews and I’m happy to have found another safe and healthy choice.  They can be a little pricey, especially if buying as singles from a retail store.  Just a quick search of online retailers would allow us to buy in bulk, drastically decreasing the price for a single treat, which we will probably do. I would love to have a stock of these on hand.  One of the best things about these treats is that a portion of the proceeds will go to go to their Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation. So good things are happening with your money spent :)

As you can see from the photos.  Bailey and Jay are quite pleased with them as well and give them two paws up!


8 Comments to “Day 29: Knick-Knack Paddywack… A Post About Safe Dog Chews”

  1. Not having dogs of my own, I don’t exactly have the problem of finding safe treats, but we do dog-sit a lot and bring chews and treats with us. I’ve heard horror stories about rawhide chipping off and choking small dogs etc. Thanks for sharing your discovery; the shelter where I volunteer is always on the lookout for better options for their dogs. Also, Jay is such a cutie!

  2. I have a small dog too, and I’m very careful about what I give her and what it’s made of.

  3. Thats a great safety tip. un shreddedRawhide is very bad allright. I think if I owned a pet store I wouldnt even sell rawhide, just like Ide not sell unsafe collars.

  4. I am always on the look out for different chews too. And if something is new I always watch them to see how they eat it and also to get a time estimate to determine if it’s worth my money. I LOVE they go wholesale priced where they can, and are really good about not buying a lot of their chews out of the states. I have talked to many of the representatives in person and like them all. They know their stuff and don’t try and gauge your pockets. I have not had problems with rawhide but I also watch how they eat new types and don’t minit their chews to only rawhide. Bully sticks just are not worth the money with the way these two would go through them, the only ones that are almost worth it are the 36 inch ones we have bought from whitedogbone. Those lasted a couple hours when we took them away occ.

    You should check out the himalayan chews. They are essentially a really hard hard cheese made of yak milk and salt or something. Yes they are expensive but for little dogs they probably would last well. Even Luna got over an hour out of hers. They really have to chew to get it even remotely soft.

    Favorite from WDB are twin hoofers, 36 inch bullies, trachea, pig ears, moozles, snozzles, sow ears and cow ears.
    Just ideas, I will check out that brand

    • score.. whitedogbone now sells the hilalayan chews

      and they are at least 4 dollars cheaper than what I have found in stores. Some days I wish I didn’t have to be frugal about dog treats/chews.. well ever day really, that and collars are two things I wish I could get the dogs more of. The collars I will remedy when I start making Luna a couple this year.

      Happy shopping ;-)

  5. Great post! Our dogs love buffalo and cow trachea. They last Evee forever it seems, the bigger dogs grow through them somewhat quicker but enough to make them worthwhile. We also give them bully sticks and deer horns – those seem to last a good while.

  6. Thanks for the tip. Like Anna, I really like the himalayan dog chews. Also, sometimes I feel a little queasy with too many animal parts scattered around the house… : ) The only thing you might consider with the himalayan cheese sticks is that some dogs don’t digest cheese very well. It’s worth a try though, because they last a surprisingly long time. Also, you might want to try buying one of the antlers that are split down the middle. Toki is a lot more interested when she can get to the softer “marrow” of the antler than when I try to give her an intact antler to chew on. You can see a picture of the split antler, plus a few more chewie options on one of my blog posts: Cheers, Christine & Toki

  7. Obviously in UK we don’t have the same type of chews that you have in US, but we do have the rawhide chews, and I agree with you on the danger, Many years ago I’d given my collie Whisper one, and shortly after I could hear these horrible choking noises, I investigated and found her gagging and choking, the hide was half chewed with about 4 inches out of her mouth and the rest down her gullet, when I pulled it out it was about 6 inches long, she couldn’t swallow and could sick it up, a real close call, so never again will my dogs have them either.

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