Day 28: Saturday Settling In

I wasn’t planning on this being the shot of the day, but since this afternoon, I haven’t been feeling all that great and haven’t felt like taking out my camera again. So I decided to just use one of the photos that I took of Jay at the dogpark in the morning. I took these hoping to get some good pictures to replace his photos on petfinder (because they seriously suck). I might take some more tomorrow and then pick out the best ones to send to the rescue to be posted.

The morning was pretty busy. We stopped by a local Pet Store, RiverDog, so that they could meet Jay. The owners of this store, Peter and Priscilla, are so ridiculously nice, and they are so good to our fosters. Our relationship started with them when we got our first foster dog.  That weekend was the first “Somerville Dog Festival” that our town was hosting.  RiverDog was a sponsor, and they were putting on a fashion show/silent auction.  Upon meeting Kimmie a few days prior to the festival and learning how she was up for adoption, they fit her into the fashion show so she could get some publicity and have it announced that she was available for adoption as she was on the “runway”. They advertise our fosters on their facebook and website.  They gave one of our foster dogs a brand new jacket for free in the Winter, because we had some horribly harsh weather for about a month and a half straight.  During the winter they had “open play” in their daycare room on Saturdays for a warm, non-snowy place for the dogs to play, and they never charged us for our fosters.  They are just wonderful, and we have ever since made it a point to give them our business and to bring our fosters to see them.

After visiting at the pet store, we went to the dog park.  We learned that Jay loves to run, however he doesn’t like to be away from us, so he would run and chase the other dogs, but immediately turn around to check back in with us every 5 seconds.  After only having him for a day, he is extremely attached to us and doesn’t want to leave our side.  I wasn’t able to get any very interesting photos because whenever I backed away from him, he came right back at my feet.  So today’s picture (and all my photos from today) are taken from a really boring angle.  I don’t know if he thinks that we are going to disappear and leave him or not.  It’s really sweet but at the same time, I know he is going to have issues with being crated and home alone.  We went out shortly this afternoon, and he was barking up a storm shortly after we went outside.  It’ll be something we’ll have to work though.

Him and Bailey get along well.  They haven’t really played together yet, but they seem to like each other’s company.  This morning, Jay was following Bailey around where he was laying.  Bailey laying on the floor.  Jay laid next to him.  Bailey moved to the couch.  Jay followed him.  (Crappy phone pictures)

Also, Jay is also the biggest cuddler ever.  When I lay on the futon, he jumps up with me and just snuggles right on in.


5 Comments to “Day 28: Saturday Settling In”

  1. Jay is just precious! That’s neat that he is already so attached to you guys. I know from personal experience how hard it is to give them up when the right home comes along … the thing that always help me is knowing that you gave that dog a second chance and lead him to a new loving owner/family. Keep up the wonderful rescue work!

    And RiverDog sounds like a wonderful petstore – I’ll have to make a point to stop there if I head up that way anytime soon.

  2. And btw I love Jay’s little “Adopt Me” harness! Did the rescue give you that?

    • Nope, I purchased the Adopt Me harness on my own. I had been looking for something like that for our foster dogs ever since we started fostering. Everything I found was so cheap looking though. Then RJM posted a photo of a dog wearing one of these at a pet expo that she went to. As soon as I saw the picture I was like “That is exactly what I want! I HAVE TO find those!” So I searched online and eventually found Houndgear ( who makes them. They are a company in Tennessee, with just a few different quality products which are all hand-made here in the US. These harnesses are so well made and durable and they look great. I ended up purchasing 2, a small and a medium since our fosters were likely to fall in either size range.

  3. Wow those are nice and American-made to boot! Thanks for sharing – I’ll have to look into getting one of those!

  4. He’s a cutie, sounds like he is a nice dog overall. I hope the crate training and learning to be alone goes well, maybe bailey will help with that.

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