Day 27: Happy Birthday Bailey!

It’s Bailey’s birthday!  Yay!

To celebrate, a couple of Bailey’s friends came over to play.  Fiona is on the left.  Then Gaston, Bailey’s BFF, which you have already gotten to see here on the blog.  Last, on the right, is Jay, Bailey’s new foster brother.  We’ll be having a bigger party, like we do every year,  next weekend.  The plan will hopefully be similar to what we did last year for his birthday where we had all of his friends over, hung outside, and grilled.  So little get together tonight.  Big party next week.  Spoiled pup.

I have to make mention of how difficult it was to get today’s shot.  Four dogs, low lighting, 1/2 dark colored fur, 1/2 light colored fur, trying to get to sit in one spot.  I’m fairly happy with how the show came out.  I don’t think I could have expected better given the conditions :P

I’ll do a further update about how Jay is settling into our home in days to come.  Today is all about Bailey!

(p.s. I’m changing the watermark for the 365 images. I’m just going to do add a number to the name watermark, instead of having both.  I think it looks way better.)


18 Comments to “Day 27: Happy Birthday Bailey!”

  1. Happy 3rd Birthday, Bailey!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful one and I wish you many, many more future birthdays. :)


  2. I like the new watermark design. What a great shot of four little cuties.

  3. This is a great picture! It was my dog’s birthday last week, but I missed it because I’m not living at home anymore. It was sad.
    Anyway, those dogs are cute and make me miss my own!

  4. I love the pic! they all look so cute together! I’m beyond pumped for next weekend.

  5. I totally agree with the watermark decision. Much cleaner.

    Bravo on having four dogs on a sofa pose for you and not one is blurry or has their eyes shut (like so many human photos).
    I can see the challenge. Very dark dogs and Bailey being the blond boy. Happy Birthday snuggles and hugs to Bailey!

    • At first we were trying just on the floor but that went horrible, so I was like “Lets try on the couch” and that worked much better. It still took a while to get it, it seemed like just when we got the 4th one on, the dog on the opposite end decided to jump off. But eventually we got it, and thankfully I was able to capture a usable picture during those 5 seconds lol

  6. Bailey is lucky to have to many doggie friends. Happy Birthday Bailey!

  7. It must have been an enormous challenge to get them all to sit still at one time! Great job. I also loved the photo from the previous day while birthday shopping, hysterical! So cute.

    • Yea, it seemed like when we got the last one up and sitting, someone jumped off but we stuck with it. It helped that I had 3 other people directing the dogs and trying to capture their attention.

      Thanks :)

  8. Happy birthday Bailey, three years old, wow, your growing up fast. I think you posed beautifully.

  9. I love this picture! And I wish I lived close enough to go to the grill party, It sounds like fun!

  10. Came to your website from livebarklove blog…love all the pictures and commentary. What a sweet happy little dog family! We have a little rescue dog that is a less well groomed version of your Bailey. Enjoy :)

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Bailey!

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