Day 26: Birthday Present Shopping

Very short and sweet post tonight.  We took Bailey out shopping to pick out a birthday present, since we won’t get to go out tomorrow.

Once again, Bailey is tolerating us (Craig this time) putting him in silly places for photos.  He’s such a good boy.  He ended up picking out a stuffing-less Bear Kong Toy.



22 Comments to “Day 26: Birthday Present Shopping”

  1. Too cute! Bailey looks overwhelmed by all the fun toys surrounding him. It must have been difficult making a selection ;)

    • He actually close his toy very easily, which is rare for him. Normally he is too overwhelmed by wanting to find other dogs in the store to play with so he doesn’t actually show and interest in the toys. He loved his bear the second I put it up in front of his face though.

  2. That’s a very cute picture of him! Wish Bailey a Happy Birthday for us!

  3. Super cute. We let Chester walk the aisles and pick out his eyes too.

    I couldn’t find a way to contact you but I wanted to let you know that you are linked from our blog post that is going up tomorrow.

  4. cute cute… THIS is why Luna is so distracted by toys when she goes here.. I think this year I may let her go and pick one out herself.. maybe with a little help from me as I’m not paying petco/smart prices for something she won’t play with outside the store.. or maybe she will get to pick treats.. more hope in that ;-)
    Happy birthday to your cute boy

    • Yea, Bailey is always super distracted at pet stores too. He just wants to sniff around for other dogs to play with.

      Normally he never shows any interest in the toys at the store. We hold one up to his face and he just turns his head and walks away. But of course if we buy it, he is always so excited when we take it out of the bag at home.

      He actually got excited with his bear though and took it from my hands and started playing with it. It was unusual for him so clearly he liked it lol

  5. Happy birthday, Bailey, I hope you’re having a nice birthday and your humans spoil you rotten like you deserve.


  6. Yeah, *ditto* happy birthday, another year older and in a happy home with loving people.

  7. Is he one lucky dog! look at the choice of toys and he ‘tolerates’ it, LOL methinks he is taking advantage, and loving every minute.:-)

  8. Sorry, ‘smacked wrist]’ Happy Birthday.

  9. happy birthday to the bubbly bailey! xo
    hope all of you have fun celebrating together :)

  10. Awww, I love his expression in this photo. Happy Birthday Bailey!!!

  11. I love mid-yawn photos…and this one is no exception. :)

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