Day 24: Scrub a Dub Dub, (Not So Much) Fun in the Tub

So as my brother so quickly reminded me when I published this on facebook, I forgot it was Tuesday!  Arrrrrrrgh!  No Time Warp Tuesday this week.  I’ll make up for it! I promise!

Bailey has been pretty overdue for a bath.  I’ve been thinking for the past week,  “Bailey needs a bath.  I can use it as a 365 photo too.”  But every day that passed by, I just never got around to giving him his bath.  I didn’t work today, so I decided giving Bailey a bath would be at least one productive thing that I could get done today.

As you can see,  Bailey is less than thrilled about bath time.  He is such a good boy and completely cooperates, but he does not like it at all.  He has never really been a fan of water.  I equate it all back to when he was a puppy and within the first couple weeks that we had him, Craig’s company had a summer party at someone’s house.  Since Bailey was so young, we didn’t want to leave him home so we got permission to bring him.  He was having a grand ol time socializing with everyone.  They had a pool and a hottub, and there was a little walk-way between the two, just big enough for him to stand.  Well someone who was swimming in the pool, came up from underneath the water right in from of him and scared him.  He was so surprised that he stepped backwards… yes… right into the hottub.  Luckily, there were people in it, so they were able to scoop him up and get him out quickly, however that hot water couldn’t have felt good on his skin.  So I blame that occurrence for the reason why Bailey has never liked water.

I’m actually extremely surprised that as I was getting his bath ready, he came into the bathroom willingly.  Normally he recognizes the signs of bath time to come and hides. However today, he actually followed me into the bathroom willingly.  I guess he’s learning that he might as well surrender, because Mom knows all his hiding spots.

A couple extra pictures as well.  I decided that I should probably start watermarking my photos given the decent amount of traffic my blog receives.  I’m still trying to decide what I want it to look like, but this will do in the meantime.


9 Comments to “Day 24: Scrub a Dub Dub, (Not So Much) Fun in the Tub”

  1. He looks miserable, lol.

  2. OMG I love your tub and the tile work! Do you mind if I borrow a picture to use in the event we ever actually redo our bathroom?

    Also, Reese doesn’t like bathtime although he loves the water. He sits there with a glare on his face the whole time

  3. He is so cute. Aris doesn’t like water either, though I’ve heard most small breeds are like that.

  4. I know what you mean about procrastinating with the bath. I think we complain about Chester and Gretel’s smell for a month before we get around to a bath :) Luckily they have really short hair so they never smell too bad. Plus, one of our excuses is that we will just get them muddy again the next weekend.

    • Bailey doesn’t even really smell per say when he is due for a bath. His coat justs require one to stay in nice soft, unknotted shape every month or so.

      It’s not even something that takes long. Put him in the tub. Lather him up. Rinse him off. Rub him down. Possible blow dry him if it is cold. But for some reason it’s another thing I put off, like the laundry lol. During the summer it isn’t as hard to motivate because it’s always nice that during the nice warm weather, he can just hang out in the sun on our deck to dry, which he loves.

      The argument of them just getting muddy again in the weekend is the pain of having small dogs. Being so low to the ground, they get so much more dirty :(

  5. Oh, poor Bailey, you can tell he doesn’t enjoy it. George hates bath time, too, and luckily for him he doesn’t have to go through that very often. He’s got self-cleaning fur and no doggy smell, so he only gets the wet treatment if he rolls in something he shouldn’t be (i.e. fox poo). :) Lovely photos, your baby looks cute even when he’s wet!

  6. Gus just had a bath this past weekend. He is definitely not a fan of water. Like Bailey, he tolerates it well, but is so happy when we say “all done” and he’s able to zoom around the house like a mad man. :)

    The watermark looks great!

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