Day 22: Just Because He’s Cute

Do you ever have times when you look at your dog, or cat, or kid, or whatever and just think “You look really cute right now”?  Not that they aren’t always cute, but something about them in that moment, they just seem to be extra cute?

That’s how I felt when I snapped this photo.  We were laying on the futon, and I just looked down at my feet, and I was like “I need to take a picture of you at this second.”

It’s not the best photo, technically speaking, but I’m still re-charging myself after yesterday’s huge photoshoot.  So rather, I just bring you a simple picture of Bailey doing what he does best – being cute (and lazy).


10 Comments to “Day 22: Just Because He’s Cute”

  1. Its the toofers sticking out that does it for me :) I crack up every time that happens to my dogs. They always have this look like “what, do I have something on my face?”

  2. that happens with luna a lot… anything she gets away with is because of how cute/pretty/expressive she is.. I just have to pet her sometimes, and I’m not overly PDA about anything. I wish my eyes could take pictures, so many expressions of her I want to capture.
    Cute photo of Bailey, as usual, that tooth makes it.
    Sorry to get you squeamish with my last post, kudos for attempting though.

  3. Bailey’s ‘cuteness’ is a perfectly good reason for a post. I can’t have enough of him anyway :)

  4. I do this all the time. Reese is always cute but every now and then I look at him and he’s doing something new, or is just extra cute! It’s like falling in love all over again with him!

  5. I’m constantly looking at the cats and thinking about how damn cute they are. Even then they are being naughty sometimes I just feel my heart ache and I wonder “How can a little animal make me feel so much love?” It’s great.

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