Day 21: Kings of the Castle! (or Castle Island)

Today was an absolutely wonderful day.  The snow from yesterday quickly melted with the beautiful sunny 50 degree weather.  The 60s and 70s are more my ideal weather, but it still felt great out today.

We spent the day with Bailey’s oldest friend, Fenway.  Fenway and Bailey were in the same Puppy Obedience training class when they were 4 months old.   Fenway is Bailey’s “Best Big Friend.”  Fenway is the only big dog that Bailey will wrestle with.  Other big dogs, he is nervous about them getting too rough and hurting him.  Fenway, on the other hand, can chew on Bailey and treat him like his own personal squeaky toy, and Bailey absolutely loves it.

We ventured out to a place on the Boston Harbor called Castle Island.  This was our first time bringing Bailey there and it was really nice.  We decided that going there will become a regular thing.  I’m going to do a second post later, either today or tomorrow, with more photos (I got tons…) and stories from today’s outing, but I wanted to get today’s 365 photo up first.


6 Comments to “Day 21: Kings of the Castle! (or Castle Island)”

  1. He looks like such a happy dog!

  2. The expression on Bailey’s face says it all! Truly happy to be out with his “big friend” Fenway. They must have a brotherly dog trust between each other that allows Bailey to feel safe to wrestle the big guy. Fenway must be very smart, too, because he wouldn’t want to hurt his live little squeaky toy. What breed is Fenway? I’m guessing boarder collie is in there somewhere.

    We’ve had a long, long winter in Minnesota. But thankfully no snow on April Fool’s Day. That would have been too much. Today was a beautiful 52 degrees and sunny. Spotted my first “green alert” ~ tulip shoots popping up! Can’t wait to see more of your photos and greener days. ; )

    • Fenway is border collie mixed with something huge… probably Great Pyrenees. They do have a very trusting relationship, and for the most part Fenway is pretty gentle with him. Sometimes he gets a little rough (which happens when Bailey’s whole head can fit in Fenway’s mouth), but Bailey is always quick to put Fenway in his place and goes straight back for more.

      We’ve had quite a few crocuses sprouting up and I was so scared that the snow we got yesterday was going to hurt them al, but they are still doing okay. Hopefully today was a sign of warmer days to come, for both of us :)

  3. They are so cute together!

  4. I like they way they are both sitting there with their mouths open… if they were eating the sunshine.

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