A Day of Photos from Castle Island

So here are more photos from today’s outing at Castle Island.  I had so much fun today taking pictures, and it’s always nice to be able to expand my subject matter a little bit.  While we were out, Chelsea (Fenway’s Mom) mentioned how she never has any photos of her and Fenway together, so I took it on myself to turn today’s outing into a photoshoot of her and Fenway.  I think that I got some pretty good shots :)

In addition to me having fun with my camera, it was a blast just to walk around with the dogs.  There were so many people and dogs out and about and it was just a beautiful day to be outside.  The dogs played, and walked, and posed and had tons of fun :)

So there is a story behind the last photos of Bailey in the tree.  They had some of those trees up on the hill and they just looked so cool with their winding, twisting branches.  So before we left, I wanted to go up there for some pictures.  I realized when we got up close that it would be difficult to capture their “coolness” in photos up close.  Craig made a silly suggestion about putting Bailey in the tree for the photos, and of course I was like “Yes!  Lets do it!”  Bailey was a good sport about it and sat in the tree despite being super confused as to why we stuck him up there.  Best part of all, he stayed perfectly still for the photos because he had nowhere to go :P

Well that’s it.  This is the first time in a while that I have had such a hard time choosing between photos to post.  I think today was a pretty successful outing and photoshoot :)



23 Comments to “A Day of Photos from Castle Island”

  1. I have the same problem as Chelsea. Occasionally i can get my husband to take a couple, but they’re usually just documenting shots. But it’s better than nothing. i think one day I will treat Luna and I to an official photo shoot by a dog photographer. it would be neat to see how they represent her in their photos. Looks like a great day, some lovely captures.

  2. What a fun day…the sky couldn’t have been more blue. Stunning!

    The last couple of Bailey photos are so funny. We’re always plopping Gus in different places so we can snap a photo. Good thing they’re both little and can fit so many places. ;)

    • It was actually so strange because over on the side of Boston that we were, the skies were so blue and it was beautiful. As we were driving home and driving through Boston out to the other side, as soon as we got out of the tunnel, it was grey skies and starting to rain. It was so strange. We looked back behind us, and still saw blue skies from where we came from.

      Yea, its easy to make them do silly things like sit in a tree when they are so small. We were joking about how funny it would be if we tried putting Fenway in the tree lol

  3. Bailey seems to be having a blast. Love the photos of him in the tree.

  4. Cute, cute, cute!!! Beautiful photography. I love it. (:

  5. Great photos! I especially love the 3 of Bailey and Fenway playing. Too cute! :)

  6. You take such wonderful pictures!!! And it doesn’t hurt to have such a photogenic, beyond cute little guy. Want to come down to Virginia and photograph my guys? :)

  7. Very nice pictures! Love Fenway! Not that Bailey isn’t super cute up the tree, he is, I’m just a big dog person. :)

    • Yea, I love big dogs too. I’ve always had big dogs growing up and Bailey is my first small dog. I can’t wait until I live somewhere bigger so I can have a big dog again.

      • I’m a German Sherperd Dog person. I might try to wriggle a pic of my favourite into a post. I can’t have a dog at all right now and could really use one for company.

  8. aww bailey looks so cute! specially when hes pawing at fenway :p i want to give him a big squishy hug. fenway reminds me of timothy from the famous five! lovely dogs, lovely pictures :)

    • Thank you :) Yea, Bailey is very much a “boxer” when it comes to playing, especially with bigger dogs. He loves to jump up and punch them in the face lol

  9. Kristen, I recall that you like the Philly’s but as a Red Sox fan, I love Fenway’s name! :) Assume it is linked to the ball field? Hopefully the Sox will have a better outcome when they play at home, after losing the series in Texas this past weekend. Anyhow, looks like everyone was having a great day — love Bailey in the tree!

    • Yep, Fenway is a true dog from Boston and his name is from the Stadium. I just checked all the standings last night and saw the the Sox weren’t doing so well. My boyfriend was just saying how they are one of the favored teams to go all the way this year but normally when they say that, they don’t end up doing so good. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. I don’t really care if the Sox win or lose, but when they lose, too many people around here are grumpy and in bad moods :P

  10. Fun photoshoot! I esp. like the third picture of Bailey and Fenway playing. I usually find it tricky capturing two dogs playing, because they’re usually hopping around so much that I miss the cute moments. But you really did it with that third shot – I love Bailey’s expression in that one.

    • Yea, that was my favorite of them playing as well. I imagine Bailey being like “Pow Pow Pow! I punch you in the face!” I was happy with thew few good ones I got of them playing. Believe me, I got plenty of Fenway’s big ol butt though too lol

  11. These are really such beautiful photos! I especially love the one with Bailey in the tree! Hey, I wonder if I could fit in the tree.


    Woofs & hugs,


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