Day 20: April Fools! Not :(

Remember on Day 11 when I said that nature plays some cruel jokes?  Well, Mother Nature did it again.  This time on April Fools…

A better joke in my opinion would be for her to have it LOOK like we were going to have a big snow storm, and have all the weather people totally convinced, and then last minute just pull the storm away.  THAT would be a better joke!  Not this I’m gonna dump a few inches of snow on you (more in most places so I guess we lucked out in that aspect) in freaking April!

I’m still hoping that she decides to redeem herself for this totally horrible joke that she just played on us and brings out the sun to melt it all. But until that happens, I’m giving myself a snow day and staying in bed with Bailey (with the exception of getting up to write this this blog)

Any one play any April Fools jokes today that were actually funny?


4 Comments to “Day 20: April Fools! Not :(”

  1. Oh my Lor’ what a cruel joke to play on anyone, unless of course you’re a Polar bear, [as I hear they’re getting short on it]
    I hope by the time you and Bailey surface, it’s all gone and the sun is shining. Take care and keep warm

  2. Yuck! I dislike all things winter… I miss Summer, I hope it hurries up this year, and overstays it’s welcome! Stay warm!

  3. My friend posted that she won a trip for ten to jamaica. And we got the april fools snow too, but it was rained away now, so that was more like an april fools joke

  4. Sleeping in is also my way of protesting this cruel joke of mother nature. I will emerge when I can see my lawn.

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