Day 19: Play Ball!


Growing up I was never into professional sports.  I played sports, but I had no real desire to follow the professional teams.  As I got older, that changed a bit.

I’m still not a die hard fan.  However, I will watch games when I can. Go to games when I able to. Follow up on the scores of games that I miss on the occasion.  Read news stories when something interests me.  Get the picture?

Of all the professional sports though, the one that I have found myself showing the most interest in in recent years is baseball.  I grew up in South Jersey, about a half hour out of Philly, so clearly my sports team loyalty lies with the Phillies. I’m not going to do a whole sports blog post (because me talking about sports isn’t the most riveting thing to read), but I will say that I am quite excited for this season of baseball, mainly for the fact that Cliff Lee is back on the Phillies this year, and I love him.

Bailey’s opinion on baseball?  He could care less, but he does enjoy chewing on my baseball glove.


8 Comments to “Day 19: Play Ball!”

  1. Your blog is my daily break from school and work. Thanks to you and Mr. Bailey!

  2. Nice subject for today, Bailey! Even if you don’t like baseball, very appropriate. Enjoy the mitt!

    • He quite enjoyed it. At first he was confused by it and not into posing for the photos, and then he was like “What? I’m allowed to actually chew on it? (whatever interaction was fine by me) Okay, I guess I’ll play your little photoshoot game today”

  3. So jealous that you get see Halladay pitch at home games. Jays games aren’t the same without him!

  4. I love your photos! I hope I can take pictures like that someday.

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