Day 18: In the Doghouse

I’m not feeling very wordy today, and the ideas for poses/photo concepts weren’t coming to me so I am relying on Bailey’s cuteness and props for today’s photo.

That little doghouse was $10.  I saw it in the store and said “This looks pretty cheap (as in quality), but it is also kinda cute.  It’s only 10 dollars, I can use it as a prop for a photo one day for my blog.”  See what this blog is doing to me?  Now when I go out shopping, I see things and think, “Oooh I could use that for a photo for my blog/365 project!”  I kinda need to do that though, or else you would get bored of 350 more photos of Bailey on my rugs and couch.

I also spent way too much time editing today’s photos.  I’m not usually much for editing.  I do a little bit of post-processing in Lightroom, but it’s all usually very minimal.  I prefer natural looking photos.  As you can see from my photos so far, I’m not normally one for special effects and all that jazz.  However the other day, I downloaded some demo Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets and was playing around with them today.  I actually liked the result of this picture, because of the added mood that it gave it, so I decided to go with it.


14 Comments to “Day 18: In the Doghouse”

  1. Cool blog, what an adorable little dog!

  2. What do you use for your graphics and stuff? I haven’t really played with lightroom very much. I do a lot of editing because I don’t have an SLR and I use aperture for that.

  3. I use Lightroom for the majority of my editting, usually just touching up things like the white balance, exposure, and various levels. Sometimes when I want to do a quick touch up of the levels and am feeling lazy and don’t feel like opening Lightroom, I will do it right in iPhoto (which is where my photo library is). If I need to touch up actual objects in the photo, I use photoshop. To add my Day __ labels, photoshop.

    So yea, Lightroom (which I love), Photoshop, and iPhoto.

  4. Love Love Love it!! haha this blog is going to get you in trouble :) buying things that is.
    Bailey is a perfect little subject! Love the black and white.

  5. Does Bailey ever take a bad picture?!? :)

  6. love that doggie… is that an over or under bite?

  7. Oh, that’s so cute. Bailey seems to enjoy his little house – spoilt baby!
    It’s funny that you’re thinking of your blog all the time, the same thing happens to me. Everything that goes on and everything I see is now a potential blog post, and George is completely sick of the camera :)

  8. That’s a great idea…..buying stuff you see that would make a great prop for blog photos. I had never really thought about that except I did by some astroturf and plants the other day to use as props for a photo shoot with Cheter and Gretel. That was purposeful though. It’s a great idea to keep an eye out for props in unexpected areas.I just go photoshop and I can’t wait until I figure out how to use it so I can touch up my photos. I love your photo! It’s super cute.

    • As I take more and more photos, I am more into the idea of props. I’m really inspired by antique props. I follow a photographer who does amazing pet portraits and usually they are focused around antique props. Imagine puppies and kittens on really old scales. Adorable. It’s probably really good for my bank account that I don’t know of any antique shops near me.

  9. Oooohhh…did you download the TRA demo? We just took the plunge and purchased both sets of actions. Love them!

    • I did. I actually have a friend who shared with me the entire sets of actions to try them out, and I find myself using Boutwell Magic Glasses (though it was included in the demo already too) on pretty much everything. It still keeps the photos very natural looking, but just adds a little extra pop and definition.

      The above photo was from their Lightroom Preset Demo.

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