Day 17: Time Warp Tuesday #2

So the story behind this picture is a funny one.  I’ve talked about how I would diagnose Bailey with ADD.  Well, there are times when I would diagnose him with OCD as well.  The time when the original photo was taken is one of those times.

Bailey was about 6 months old at the time.  One evening he decided to bring all of his toys over to our kitchen door.  Every.  Single.  One.  (Well the ones that were out for him)  He was so meticulous about all his toys being in THAT spot.  So of course, me  being the mean mother that I am, I decided to see what he would do if I moved them.  So one by one, I picked up his toys and moved them back into the living room, and yep, one by one, Bailey moved them back by the door.  I somewhat remember him giving me really mean looks during that time too like, “What are you doing with my toys, Mom?  I put them there for a reason!  Geez, now I need to move them back all over again!”

Dogs are silly sometimes.

Here is the inspiration photo.  You can see Bailey was in his transitional phase at this time.  His coat wasn’t as thin and wispy as it was in our first TWT post when he was a little puppy.  It was starting to thicken up, however it was still pretty straight.


14 Comments to “Day 17: Time Warp Tuesday #2”

  1. Hey, we have at least three of those toys. Casey loves her squirrels in their tree trunk.

    • Yea, the squirrels/tree trunk has always been a favorite of Bailey’s. He has had it for quite some time now. We have gotten him other hideaway toys but he doesn’t like any of them nearly as much a the squirrels.

      • Grace has (too) many toys, but the squirrel is definitely her favorite. She goes to it all the time where she never seeks out other toys. So we’ve never had a scene like this with Bailey rearranging all his toys. So very cute. Perhaps he would be an organizer consultant in a human life!

      • Yea, Bailey is very sensitive to where things are. He isn’t as OCD about his toys anymore, but he gets very bothered when something is out of place and not where its supposed to be.

  2. I love these pictures of Bailey in amongst his toys. Very sweet, and I agree with you that he is much cuter now than he was as a puppy. Highly unusual, but this is Bailey we’re talking about, right?
    As for him moving his toys to a different place, George sometimes does things like that. They just get silly things in their heads, don’t they?

  3. P.S. George had one of those rubber chickens, but he killed it :)

    • Yea Bailey destroyed his rubber chicken too. We had 2 of them that weren’t even meant as dog toys. Craig had gotten them a long time ago in Mardi Gras (I think?) and they were in our bathroom. One time we were babysitting Craig’s nephews and they found the chickens and decided to give them to Bailey. Bailey claimed them as his from that day on (until it died).

      That little rubber dog is the old photo in the top left corner used to be Bailey’s absolute favorite toys however he drove me crazy with it so I took it away from him. I don’t know what it was about that toy, but he would just walk around with that dog in his mouth and whine and whine nonstop. It was so strange. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I took it away. I found it many months later and tried giving it back to him again, hoping that maybe he moved past that phase. Nope, started whining with it again so its been permanently banished. Dogs are weird sometimes.

      • Oh, bless him, you took his toy away from him! Nasty mummy! I can see how the constant squeaking was annoying, though. Luckily for us, George is not keen on anything that makes a noise. I think he only liked the chicken so much because the squeaky mechanism broke on day one :)

      • He wasn’t squeaking it. He was actually whining. He would just walk around with the toy in his mouth and whine nonstop. It was so strange and it drove me crazy lol

      • Oh, I misunderstood then, I thought he was squeaking it. Whining whilst enjoying himself….hmm…that’s definitely a new one for me :) I have to admit that little Bailey is something else :)

  4. That’s so cute. Dogs can be so weird and so entertaining with their little obsessions. My friend’s corgi loses it when anyone moves her bed, like totally flips out. Does Bailey still do this?

    • Nah, he doesn’t do this anymore (I put the toys there for the picture). He does have plenty of other strange quirks though. He is such a creature of habit (which most dogs are if they have stability and routine) and has plenty of other behaviors that he does on a daily basis.

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