Day 14: The Opposite of Helpful

You can train dogs to do countless different jobs and services.  They can assist the physically disabled with mobility and help those who are visually or hearing impaired.  They can work on farms, herding and guarding.  They can search for and rescue people in danger.   They can be used to detect many different things.  They can hunt, track, and pull sleds.  Heck, dogs can even be trained to grab you a beer from the fridge.  The list goes on and on.

Dogs can be super helpful.

Bailey on the other hand is usually the opposite of helpful.

Like when I’m in the middle of doing laundry and he thinks that the pile of clothes on the bed was made especially for him to lay in.  And how he always seems to want to be laying on the rug in that moment I want to vacuum it as I make my round through the house.  And when I try to clean up some of his toys off the floor, and he immediately moves them right back.

The one thing he is always good at though… being ridiculously cute, and he is always helpful at cheering me up when I need it.


8 Comments to “Day 14: The Opposite of Helpful”

  1. Too cute! My Casey does the same thing. Almost makes you not want to do the laundry … almost.

  2. I can empathize, when I make the bed and the duvet drapes the floor, Tango settles on it with a big contented sigh.

    • Awww Sweet Tango. That was another thing I should have added in my blog. Bailey is a pain in the butt whenever we make the bed. First off, if we change the sheets, he immediately hops on the bed and starts rubbing himself all over them (“Hey! These don’t smell like me yet. I’ll fix that!”) and then he won’t get out of the bed when we try to put the comforter nicely on it, which normally results in us just putting it on over him and him having to crawl out.

  3. That’s an important pet duty – keeping the laundry safe!

  4. Bailey sounds like my Coco! She “helps” with the laundry by dragging my underwear and the boys’ socks back into the bedroom from the laundry pile before they’re washed. LOL

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