Day 13: Getting Back to Normal

Just a simple photo (and an extra) for today.

I didn’t have too much time to plan out a photo since I came home today and had to spend a lot of time catching up on the stuff that I didn’t do yesterday. This was due to being sucked into the “Freshly Pressed, Must Repeatedly Check My Blog Stats and Comments on WordPress Black Hole.”  Yes, thats the official name.   Craig was really great about not bringing up the fact that there were still two nights of dirty dishes in the sink from when he cooked (whoever doesn’t cook does the dishes), because he understood the excitement of my blog “being famous” for the day.  However, I knew that he wouldn’t have quite the same attitude towards it if he came home today and they still weren’t done ;)

I also have a bonus photo today, because as I was going through the photos I had taken, I found this.

It seems like everyone can roll their freaking tongue except for me.  Even Bailey can!  Craig and I often have silly moments where we will mimic each others facial expressions.  It always ends with him teasing me with things that I just can’t physically do.  Like, rolling my tongue, flaring my nostrils, or wiggling my ears.  I felt like Bailey was mocking me in this photo.


18 Comments to “Day 13: Getting Back to Normal”

  1. Fantastic photo of Bailey and his tongue! Your blog will be famous all over again just for that wonderful photo :o)

  2. ah funny, maybe bailley was hoping to teach you a new trick. Since you are teaching him, he returns the favor? I cant snap my fingers. (feel free to snap your fingers right now and say, “why?, thats not hard!”) Thats what everyone does when I tell them I cant snap.

    • I can snap, however I can’t whistle. That’s another thing I can’t do. I don’t think he was trying to teach me. He did it so quickly that I only saw it when going through my photos. Definitely mocking me… his Daddy probably put him up to it! They conspire against me :(

  3. Kristen– don’t feel bad! Weirdly, the ability to role your tongue is hereditary. Not being able to is like being left-handed, or double-jointed… It just means you can’t do it, but not that you’re dumb!

  4. You are a inspiration to all of us. Bailey is adorable, is he not?! Congrats on the 5155 blog stats.

  5. Hahahaha Jon can’t do any of that either!

  6. Love that second shot, you have some great floor backdrops.. My dog never lays on the floor unless she is pouting. She much prefers a rug/bed/blanket…. being a vizsla she does not have much fur or fat to cushion.. and she probably has become a tad spoiled in that area too. Doesn’t it feel good when the dishes actually get done? I usually have the thought “now that only took 10 minutes why didn’t I do it sooner, I feel so much better” running through my head. I can do all you’ve stated above AND raise separate eyebrows.. Whistling could def be leaned though, hmmmm wonder if google has tips on that.
    Have a great weekend

    • Bailey is a mixture of floor, his dog beds, and furniture (our bed, couch, futon). He lays on them all. Even throughout the night, he will spend part of the night in bed with us, part in his own dog bed, and part just on the floor/rug. He is constantly being lazy and just laying around, however he likes to switch it up.

      Exactly, it doesn’t even take that long to do them. At most, it is taking the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, putting the dirty ones in, and cleaning the pots and pans, but for some reason it still takes a heck of a lot of motivation to do it. Same with laundry.

      Whistling is impossible for me. I’ve read so many things on how to. People have tried to teach me. I just can’t do it. Such is my life.

  7. This is great! Our little kitty Eli rolls his tongue when he hisses. This was noted by a friend who came over and he wouldn’t stop hissing at her even though she was feeding him cheese all night. He’s in his terrible twos. Don’t feel bad about the tongue thing. I can’t snap my fingers, and that seems like a rudimentary skill at best.

  8. Thanks. There are just some things our bodies can and can’t do I guess, and everyone is different.

  9. Looking at the second photo had me….yes, rolling my tongue then, reading on, flaring my nostrils, but got beat when it came to ear twitching. Lovely photos and amusing post.

  10. Thank you for subscribing to my blog!
    I’ll subscribe to yours too, because your dog is simply adorable!

  11. Bailey is such an expressive fella! I’m sure there’s never a day that goes by without Bailey trying to tell you something with his eyes or, in this case, with his tongue :)

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