Day 11: Nature Plays Some Cruel Jokes

My calendar tells me it is Spring.  It seems as though the sun is taking longer to set every day now.  We had a couple (teasing) days of beautiful 60+ degree weather last week.  There are even some flowers starting to poke up in our very dead looking garden. All signs point to Spring.

Except when I look at the forecast and I see snow.  Not cool, Mother Nature.  Not cool… They are calling for just a couple inches, but still… I’m so over snow.  I know that I need to remember that it is still March in New England, but after 80 inches of snow, I just want to put Winter in the past, at least for another 9 months.


90 Comments to “Day 11: Nature Plays Some Cruel Jokes”

  1. I know exactly how you feel, but hang in there, it’ll come. It looks like we’re a little bit ahead of you, our spring flowers are already open and we’ve had the most wonderful sunny, warm day today. I’ll make sure to send the nice weather your way :)

    • The nice weather you are sending our way must have scared the storm away :) Weather people changed their mind and said the storm isn’t gonna hit us. We’ll get a coating at most.

  2. Yea, we are definitely a little behind. We had those couple of beautiful days which started everything along but then the temperatures dropped again back into the 30s and 40s and has put everything Spring back on hold.

    Some nice weather is definitely appreciated!

  3. Like the purple and green flower against the fluffy white dog. As for Spring–I think it’s going to skip again this year–it’ll be summer first.

  4. nice picture, the weather is finally getting better and the green is growing. cannot wait for spring/summer

  5. I was new in the world of bloggers so please guidance yes

  6. A friend of mine recently posted a picture of tulips poking through the ground — which was covered in three inches of snow. The caption: “It’s like getting spanked when you’re born.”



    • Haha Awesome caption! We ended up not getting the snow they were originally forcasting, however we did get a light dusting. That probably would have made a pretty picture but I didn’t take it this morning, and I’m sure it will be melted by the time I get home.

  7. The ground is sprinkled with snow here, after two days of alternating snow flurries and pouring rain and I saw several clusters of crocuses, much like the ones in your photo that have been battered and bashed flat. I am ready for Spring proper to reign!
    The emergence of the flowers fills me with such energy and hope. Can’t really focus on the emotional effects of seeing them brutalized. SIgh.

    • I agree. There is something about the emergence of flowers that can make you so happy, especially after a long Winter. I hope true Spring weather comes to you (and me!) soon!

  8. It has been snowing here for two days. Then I talk to my friends from MO and FL and they complain about temperature dropping to 65°F. Those spoiled people from warmer states ;-)

    Was the dos enjoying those flowers or …fertilizing? :-) Mine would do the enjoying second…

    • Yea, my parents have recently moved down to North Carolina and there is nothing they enjoy more than teasing me about their warm weather when I tell them about the snow storms and cold weather we are getting here in Boston. Cruel parents lol

      Bailey was just tolerating me for the photo and standing there. My 365 photo project is mainly focused around him so he still had to make an appearance in the photo, even if he wasn’t the main focus :)

  9. Agreed completely. We got another 7″ yesterday in Minneapolis after a week of thawing, making this the 4th snowiest winter in state history. I wrote about it as well.

    • Ugh, Mother Nature should know that once the official day of Spring comes, she needs to stop pounding us with snow. Boston has hit the record list of snowiest winters this year but I’m not quite sure where we ended up. I’ll be sure to check our your blog when I’m home from work :)

  10. We had some herrendous snow and sleet over the past few weeks but we finally have sunshine and t shirt weather! Rest assured, my friend, your sunshine will come!

    • I can’t wait until t-shirt weather, or I would love even just hoodie weather. I always look forward to being able to retire my winter jacket to the closet. Enjoy your warmth! Hopefully it will come here soon!

  11. I’m with you there! We here in Iowa have the same thing going on. The temps dropped back down to the mid forties and there is sleet in our future. A few years ago the same thing happened: Daffodils, crocuses and tulips all started coming up like mad, like whole plants and flowers and everything, then it froze and we had piles of grey-green mush everywhere for the rest of the season. I’ve got such itchy fingers to get out and plant my veggies I just can’t contain myself!

  12. Yeah snow man came back and hit us new yorkers hard i dont think springs gonna come soon. Great post

    • Yea, I am from New Jersey and have a lot of friends in New York. I heard about all the thunder hail that you guys were getting down there yesterday. Thanks for visiting and for subscribing as well :)

  13. I’m for nj too and boy am I enjoying that we’ve had 3 delayed openings this week! I get to go to work at 10 AM so I’m really not complaining. Before we know it, it will be hot and humid and we’ll be wishing it was snowing so just enjoy the last beautiful snow fall while it lasts!

    • The delayed openings are always nice, especially since you don’t need to make those days up like you would a snow day. Even though I will probably complain about the heat in the dead of summer, I don’t think I will ever be wishing for more snow anytime soon. We just got too much this Winter.

  14. patience is a virtue! give it time, spring will come.

  15. I love this photo. But Bailey doesn’t look too thrilled. Love your blog. I have my own animal kingdom, so I can relate to much of what you write. Congrats on being freshly pressed. I’ll be back soon.

    • My original vision for this photo was to have him interacting with the new flowers in some way… sniffing them or something. He didn’t quite have the same vision so I settled for him to just be in the frame standing near them. I’m still pleased with how the photo came out.

      I’m so excited to have been freshly pressed. It was such a surprise (as I have only had my blog for less than 2 weeks now). Thanks for subscribing and as I said before, I will definitely be checking out your blog later tonight when I am home :)

  16. I know! I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom! It completely rejuvenates me!

    • I completely agree. By the end of winter, I am so drained creativity wise. Everything is just so dull and and boring and lifeless, which may appeal to some people, but not me. Once colors start appearing outside again, it makes all the difference in my mood.

  17. Yes I also need to sit down and have a face to face chat with Mother Nature, Old Man Winter and their adopted step child they call Punxsutawney Phil.



  18. Wow, it seems surreal to be reading about winter and snow when we the make-up is literally melting off our faces here in South Africa…in fact, there really is no point in wearing make-up, at all! It’s funny how you are hopeful for a bit of Spring when we are all pining here for a cool breeze. As the year races on I wake up hopeful there will be signs of the weather starting to cool when really it seems each day is hotter than the next…dont know what’s going on! Seriously, I am so over this humidity, the doors in my home dont even fit in their frames they swell up so much! Ridiculous. Would do anything for a bit of snow right now;)

    • I’m not quite jealous of your heat and humidity, however how about you give us a little bit of your warmth and we’ll give you a little but of our coldness and then we’ll both be at nice happy mediums? If only it were that easy!

  19. It was so gorgeous last week where I live and now it’s cold and snowing this week. I feel your pain! Hopefully winter will kick the bucket soon and go away for good.

  20. I lived out West for years and this sort of thing really depressed me. My last stop on my tour of the Western U.S. was Carson City, Nevada, where we lived for 5 years. Having grown up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, it never ceased to amaze me that the West seems to have no real defined seasons. They think they do, but they don’t. In Carson City, as well as Klamath Falls, Oregon where we lived for a few years, there never was any Spring…it went from Winter to Summer, do not pass go, do not feel Spring in the air. Period. It also snowed on Easter–almost every year. And if it wasn’t snowing, it was bitter cold and gloomy. Now I live in Florida and while we still have some sort of Winter, actually IN Winter, it is sooooo nice right now and I am so grateful!

  21. Can’t agree more! I am sick and tired of mounds and mounds of dirty snow that refuses to melt.

  22. Maybe it is me but the wind today didn’t seem to have quite the razor’s edge bite it would have a month ago.

  23. Crap! Poor you! Snow! That’s not springsy at all!

  24. Congrads on bein’ freshly pressed! I enjoyed checking out your blog, what a blessing your are with the critters,dogs are great to me.even though they can have us wrapped aroung their paw. Talk about nature’s ways just a month ago we were freezing under 2′ of snow in the NW, now with some nice sunny days and temps in the 60+ it’s like a heat wave!

  25. I saw the snow on the news and I feel for you people in the NE. What a shame, hang in there, it’ll break before you know it. Sorry to rub it in, but that’s why I moved to AZ, I just couldn’t take that unpredictability anymore…the heat and sunshine here is much more acceptable to me, though, the 115 degree summers can get to a person, so I guess nowhere is perfect! Congrats on being FP’d!

    • Thanks! Yea, I would love to live somewhere where the winters weren’t bad, but I could not deal with 115 degree weather. I think I would prefer the cold over that. I just want to live somewhere where it is 70 degrees all year round? Is that too much to ask? ;)

  26. Congrats on being FP. I look longingly at your crocuses. We got 17.8 inches of snow Tues-Weds. On Monday flowers were poking up in some yards ( not mine), now they are buried.

  27. We have a saying in Finland: Winter comes on the time, Summer comes when it has time:) I know how you feel, it snowed this morning on L.I/N.Y, but it was even worse in Finland! Have fun.

  28. I know. I’m getting some snow this weekend too, while I was running around in capris on Monday. Not cool, Mother Nature, not cool.

  29. Awesome picture and yes, spring is coming soon.

  30. It snowed here today. The big fluffy flakes. It was very pretty. Especially since most of it melted right away! sigh…

  31. such a sweet and adorable picture! I love it.

  32. Two days ago us “Michiganders” were under a winter storm advisory. The kiddies had yet another snow day. My car was covered in 2 inches of pure ice.

    Surely Spring is on its way. It has to be.

    Also, Im going to throw this out there..I don’t know if anyone remembers the Rainbow Bright movie, when the little creatures were hypnotized and knitting a cover over the crystal planet that provided warmth and sunlight. It was preventing spring from coming… I feel like Im in that movie right now.

  33. wowzers what a lot of comments! Congrats to you! Now you really have to get out that agility equipment and take lots of pics.
    You had the same snow as I since I am on the border of Mass. It was beutifull green and I was full of spring energy on friday. I wake up on saturday and all the yard again looks like a winter wonderland. I said UGG!! and went back to bed to hibernate till monday.

    Bailley being part poodle must love to scamper in it though.

    • I know! It’s kinda crazy. I can’t peel myself away from wordpress because they keep coming in. I’m enjoying it now because the fame will fade tomorrow ;)

      Bailey actually HATES the snow and the cold. He is a little wuss. Even though he has a lot of hair, his coat is still a single coat, rather than a thick double coat. He gets cold pretty easily when out in the snow. He loved it as a puppy but once he got older, he was like “Meh, I’d rather be inside where its warm and cozy.”

  34. Oh gosh.. please correct my spelling, that looks really bad. I didnt proofread and typed too fast. *Beautifull*

  35. This is a very pretty picture. I just love flowers. That is I love looking at them, but when it comes to planting them plants and I don’t get along. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed !

    • Thanks :) I’m the same way… I don’t garden. Our upstairs neighbor does most of the gardening in our yard. I just enjoy them and occasionally take pictures.

  36. Then Bailley is a dog after my own heart. I dislike boring lifeless white everywhere so much, that last summer I built a roofed awning over my birdfeeding station. I painted the posts barn red and the roof bright lilac. I wanted to be able to see pretty collors especially in winter. But now that the winter came. I have to say.. the bird feeder station really stands out in an obnoxious way. It cheers me and irks me all at the same time.

  37. Couldn’t agree with you more. Two days ago we were in capris and flip-flops with 80 degree weather. Today, it’s currently 49 degrees with a low of 30 last night. Blankets or shorts? We never know here in Kansas!

  38. ohio is the same way right now, but the winter can only make us appreciate the summer that much more when it finally comes. before you know it we’ll be swimming… eating (veggie) burgers off the grill… watching fireflyyys… wearing flip flops… & loving life.

  39. The picture in your post could have been taken from my window in Frankfort, Illinois. Oh how we w patiently await the joys of sunny warmth, and warm gentle showers.

  40. those little paws are adorable!

  41. Me…I can hardly wait till summer. I’m tired of the rain and cold!!

  42. Los Angeles is going through a similar bi-polar season. We went from 80º to pouring, freezing rain this past week. Can’t it just be nice out already?

  43. Good,i like spring.spring is beauitiful.

  44. New snow kills off the old snow in the spring… (old Scandinavian saying)….lol. So it may actually hasten the coming of spring. But after months and months of the white stuff… you just want some warm sunshine…like now! lol.

  45. Grew up in Michigan, spent 19 years in Fort Wayne, IN, slid down I-75 to Tampa, FL over 20 years ago…and haven’t been back. Always loved seeing the crocuses. . .knowing the daffodilsl tulips, and forsythia were soon to follow.Your writing is almost poetry.
    One thing I discovered after I moved…for all those years, I had SAD (seasonal affective disorder). That’s the depression you get when you don’t get enough sunlight. Still up north? Vitamin D helps. Down here, I know if I start getting lethargic, it’s time to go do some work outside in the garden.
    I read an interesting book last week, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Year Round Gardening, and yes, it does tell how to keep the harvest coming 24/7/365, no matter where you live. If I were still up north, I’d be experimenting. [I LOVE beating the odds.]

    • Thank you for your comment. I can’t wait for the other flowers to start popping up. If I was a gardener I would check out that book but I’m not. lol I just enjoy the flowers and let others take care of them. It sounds so lazy when I say that, but alas it’s true.

  46. This is my first comments in this website,I’m from china,couldn’t understand your talking very well,but I’m trying to,I will keep paying attention to your articles,and hope you help me in English~Thanks

  47. well, in indonesia, we will never see snow. only 2 types of weather. spring n rain (sometime ice rock in rain weather). forecating just analize earth daily activities and has been taken for many years and will be translated into earth weather daily in present, eventually as we see today.

  48. Charming that so many around the world comment on the changes in seasons and love the tender new flowers of spring so much. Last fall I planted many spring flowering bulbs as atribute to my Mom and as she has since passed away I am longing to see them bloom, especially the hyacinths, her favourite, We had a big thunderstorm last night and my poor old dog Holly was so nervous I had to tend to her through the night, She is sleeping it off now.

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