Day 10: Time Warp Tuesday

I am going to start a new theme specially for Tuesdays.  I’m using this idea from an old friend who used to post old photos of herself from childhood every Tuesday.  However I decided to change it a bit to work with my 365, since it would be cheating to use old photos instead of taking a photo that day.

So my time-warp Tuesday is to re-create photos of Bailey when he was a puppy.  I will post today’s photo as well as the old photo which it will be based off of.

There will be 2 fun results of this Tuesday theme.  One would be that you can see the differences of Bailey as a puppy and now.  Two is you can (hopefully) see the improvement in my photography.

So here is the original photo that inspired today’s.   This photo was taken the day after we brought Bailey home.  He was about 14 weeks old.  We live in a 3 story house on the 2nd floor and it was taken on the stairs leading up to our kitchen.

I’m always amazed at how Bailey has changed from a little puppy into his current adult self.  His puppy coat was completely different than his adult coat.  His coat was so straight and thin and wispy.  As he grew, his coat thickened and became more wavy (although curly in places like his neck and butt).  It is completely different. Also despite being a very cute puppy, I have always thought that Bailey actually got cuter as he got older.


3 Comments to “Day 10: Time Warp Tuesday”

  1. Cute idea! He’s cute as a puppy and as an adult, but I agree. He has gotten cuter as he gets older, thats unusual.
    I’m going to really enjoy your Tuesday posts.

  2. Yea most dogs are the opposite. Not that other dogs aren’t cute as adults, but normally, if you compare a puppy picture with an adult picture, most people would say the puppy was cuter. With Bailey, I think he is so much cuter as an adult than a puppy.

    After I made the claim to do this every Tuesday, I went and looked at my puppy pictures of Bailey. Apparently, I did not take many pictures of him prior to a year old. I don’t know if I just wasn’t glued to my camera like I am now (or maybe its because he wasn’t as cute as he is now :P lol) or what, but I’m not going to have anywhere near enough photos to do this for the rest of the year. The problem also is so many of the photos that I have are absolutely impossible to re-create. I will try my best and do as many as possible, however I didn’t realize my collection of photos of him as a puppy was so tiny.

  3. It’s still a good idea. Maybe you can use Tuesday to recreate pictures of other subjects as well. Or just use similar settings with a new subject. As long as there’s a common element between the older and the newer photo.

    Cute dog and you’re right. He’s definitely more adorable as an adult. If only that were true for people…

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