Day 9: Not Every Day is Going to be a Favorite

Ever since I came home, I’ve been fighting with myself and with my camera.  I am just not satisfied with anything that I have been taking today.  I gave up and originally decided to wait until later and try it again.  However I decided not to torture myself.

I realized that I’m going to have good days and I’m going to have bad days.  I’m going to have days where it is going to be so hard to pick a photo, because I love them all so much.  I’m going to have days when I want to delete every photo that I have captured, because I hate them all.  Today is the latter, but you know what? It’s okay.  I’d be super naive to think that every single day of these 365 days that I am going to have a photo that I am so proud of and want to share to everyone in the world.  It simply isn’t going to happen, and I need to be okay with that if I am going to continue successfully through this project.

So today we have Gaston.  Of all the photos I captured, this was the one I liked best.  I’m still not a fan of the lighting and some other technical aspects of the photo, but I think we can all agree that Gaston looks pretty darn cute there.


6 Comments to “Day 9: Not Every Day is Going to be a Favorite”

  1. Kristen, I love the post today. I like all of your photos. I think we are our own worst critics sometimes, myself included!

  2. I’m with Linda on this one. Your photos are beautiful (and much better than mine), so don’t be too critical of yourself. And yes, Gaston is pretty darn cute :)

    • Thanks Didi. I’m a perfectionist and it really comes to bite me in the butt when it comes to anything related to art, and it’s hard not to be too critical sometimes.

  3. Take lots of pictures everyday. That is hard to do. Yes, some days they will be awful, but learn from them.
    I photographed an event last week. I took my pictures with available light. Surprisingly, the camera showed me a photo. I didn’t want to believe it, but proceeded to take 150 pictures. Digital allows us to go overboard on the number of pictures we take. It wasn’t until I transferred the photos to my computer and showed them full screen that I realized they were all fuzzy. It was then, that I realized the point and shoot camera went into automatic time exposure to get the available light. It did that well, but it also recorded my shakiness. Near the end of the shoot, I switched to flash and those photos came out sharp.
    Analyze and learn from your results.

    • I take tons of photos, believe me, however I am so picky with my photos there are still going to be days that I am not happy with the products. Photos also look very different on the the camera’s little LCD screen than they do on your computer. Sometimes I will THINK that I got a great shot, but then I look at it on my computer and I find a lot wrong with it. It’s just the way it goes sometimes.

      I shoot with a DSLR, and have really started getting into the ins and outs of using it. I will never put my camera on the green automatic symbol again. It’s the easy way out for me, and the point of this 365 project is to challenge myself. You also get such better results (the bokeh background, etc) when you control the settings yourself. I also refuse to use my flash unless shooting in the dead of night outside. I hate artificial light, especially from flashes, and will 99% of the time just make due with my available light.

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