Day 8: The Best Thing About Oriental Rugs

Our house is filled with gorgeous rugs from all around the world from either Craig or his parent’s travels.   They are all beautiful and unique.  I suppose they fulfill their everyday purposes as rugs, however my favorite thing about them is that they make great backdrops for photographs.  I photograph Bailey against them all the time, as well as our foster dogs when taking better quality pictures to be posted on their profiles online.  The patterns and colors are usually a beautiful contrast or compliment to the coloring of their coats.  It is a much better background then a cluttered floor.  Don’t you agree?


3 Comments to “Day 8: The Best Thing About Oriental Rugs”

  1. This is a very good trick that I’ll try to remember from now on. I am aware of how important the background is if you want to take nice, good quality photos and I’ve often struggled with this issue. Might just look for a nice-looking rug to use for some of my photos. Love this shot of Bailey :)

  2. haha Bailey is just too cute for words! adorable :)

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