Day 7: Afternoon Cuddling with Daddy

One of Bailey’s favorite places to lay is on top of Craig on the futon.  As soon as Craig comes home from work, Bailey goes to greet him at the door and then runs into the computer room, hopping on the futon, waiting for Craig to go join him.  It is a common weekend afternoon nap place too.  Gaston must see the appeal as well, because this afternoon as soon as Craig laid down, Gaston was up on top of him, later to be joined by Bailey.


2 Comments to “Day 7: Afternoon Cuddling with Daddy”

  1. Don’t you wish you could shrink down to the size of a dog so that you could join the cuddle pile too? I always wish I could at my house. :)

  2. Indeed. I mostly just get jealous at how easy our pets have it made ;)

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