Day 6: Everyone Needs a Best Friend

Everyone needs a best friend.  Dogs are no exception.  Bailey’s is Gaston.

We are dogsitting Gaston for about 10 days.  So you can expect Gaston to make quite a few guest appearances in the 365 photos for the days to come.  I snapped quite a few action shots of them playing, but this one just came out way too sweet.


4 Comments to “Day 6: Everyone Needs a Best Friend”

  1. This is so cute Kristen!!!

  2. That picture is just too cute! Gaston looks like a nice boy, I bet you’re all going to have a great time for the next 10 days.
    They look like they’re having a proper chat, don’t they?

    • Gaston is a really good little dog and him and Bailey just get along perfectly. I imagine the little chat went something along the lines of “Wanna play? Okay!” because a couple seconds later they started wrestling and chewing on each other’s faces.

  3. This one is really cute!

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