Day 5: Bailey the Irish Cream Puppy

Happy St. Patricks Day from Bailey!

One of my biggest pet peeves is how all of a sudden EVERYONE is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and the big deal they make about it.

However despite not being a huge fan of St. Patrick’s Day, Bailey’s name did come from something Irish so I figured that’s what I could theme today’s post around.

When we got Bailey, we went on a Saturday to meet Bailey and his brother (who we nicknamed Bitey).  I got to hold Bitey first.  He was crazy energetic. So fidgety and nippy and I’m pretty sure he ate off one of my shirt’s buttons.  He was cute but his personality just wasn’t what we were looking for.  Then I was handed Bailey (and I handed Bitey off to Craig).  Bailey was perfectly calm in my arms… almost to the point that we were like “Something HAS to be wrong with this dog.”  We really thought he was sick or something, because he was the complete opposite of his brother.  We even questioned if he was okay and we were then asked “Have you put him down yet?” The second he was down on the ground, he was running around and playing with toys. He just immediately calms down whenever he is being held.  He has always been like that and still is to this day.

I fell in love with him, and I told Craig “I want the little one” (because Bailey was significantly smaller than his brother).  We weren’t ready to bring a dog home so we left Bailey, went home to prepare for a new puppy, and planned on picking him up the next day.

That night before bringing him home, we were brainstorming names.  We both had up webpages with “Names for Dogs” and were searching for a while.  There were many names that we were like “Yea, that’s okay…” but nothing we were sold on.  We came across “Bailey” and then immediately thought of Bailey’s Irish Cream and then one of us said “Bailey the Irish Cream Puppy” because Bailey’s coat is cream in color and we knew at that moment that we have found Bailey’s name.

So Bailey is officially Bailey the Irish Cream Puppy.  Unfortunately I don’t have a bottle of it for today’s photo, so I settled with a green chair for St. Patrick’s Day.


One Comment to “Day 5: Bailey the Irish Cream Puppy”

  1. The Irish Cream Puppy…I love that. Very suitable for little Bailey. I love the story of how he entered your life, you always know when a pup’s the right one for you.

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