Day 3: Today lacks creativity so I introduce to you Buffalo

I have a feeling I’m going to be really bad at this 365 Day Project… It is only Day 3 and I am already losing so much steam and the creative juices aren’t flowing.

I am re-thinking my “theme.”  I would love to just stick to photos of Bailey (and some guest appearances of some foster dogs and doggy friends when available), however some days there just isn’t much to photograph.  Something that everyone should know about Bailey.  He is the most lazy, laid back dog on the planet, or at least when he is at home.  As a result, most photos of him when he is inside, they all just end up looking the same.

At the same time, Winter is ending and Spring is coming, but it is still in that gross transition phase.  You know what I’m talking about… It’s kinda warm, but not really.  Everything still looks dead from winter – the grass is brown and the trees are still bare.  There are no colors.  It’s just not photo friendly, and it’s not inspiring.  At least not to me.  So I get stuck inside and the photos that result just blend together, with nothing making them stand out or be special.  Yea, I can take a well taken photo… but it’s not interesting, and since the intended purpose is for a blog that people are supposed to want to look at, that isn’t quite the goal in mind.

I think the problem is sometimes my days are just plain boring.  Today is one of those days.  Getting photos when we are out and about and doing stuff, that won’t be the problem.  It’s the days like these… the go to work, come home, sit around the house days.

I think I need to constantly have my eye out for fun props that I can torture Bailey with to make photos a little more interesting. This pet photographer inspires me with her vintage props. Bailey is wonderfully tolerate of me and my obsession with taking his pictures.  I think he actually enjoys the camera in his face and many times when I try to photograph something else, he will find a way to get himself into the frame, because Bailey just grew up thinking “When Mommy takes out that big black thing and holds it up to her face, I’m supposed to go sit in front of her.”  He poses for me, and he tolerates me when I plain out torture him. Like a couple months ago, I bought a wooden toy box for all of his toys (the dog is just plain spoiled and the house is littered with them).  I was bored and got the bright idea to make him sit in his toybox surrounded by toys as I snapped pictures.  All he wanted to do was grab a toy, jump out and go play with it, but he stuck with it, for me.  The things our dogs do for us, even when it is so silly and makes no sense to them.

Anyways, today’s photo is of Bailey cuddling with his newest toy, Buffalo.


3 Comments to “Day 3: Today lacks creativity so I introduce to you Buffalo”

  1. What a cute photo…I love the contrast betweeb Mr. Buffalo’s dark colour and Bailey’s white fur. Plus, what a good boy Bailey is to look after Mr. Buffalo so nicely. George would have destuffed it pretty quickly…

  2. Bailey is that way with his stuffed toys. He chews them to an extent, usually choosing one body part (normally ears or something else that sticks out) to chew lightly. He will chew on ropes toys and stuff like that that is meant to be chewed and destroy them, but with his animals, he mostly cuddles with him and brings them to bed with him, etc. As a result, his animals tend to last a while and their demise normally comes from foster dogs, rather than Bailey (though the really “special” toys like his bunny and lamby are kept from the fosters).

  3. Very cute! I never worry about the creative juices – usually I just sit down with nothing in my head, yet something ends up on the screen. Now, that may be absolutely nothing of any interest to anyone, I dare say, but what I am getting at is, something always develops after you make a start. Often it ends up nothing like one started out – like my “Endless Path” entry the other day – I still have no idea where that came from. Certainly wasn’t planned!

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