Animal Rescue and Happy Tails

I have created a page (linked above) completely dedicated to my foster dogs who have come and gone.  I have been involved in animal rescue and fostering dogs since September 2010.  We have so far fostered 5 dogs who have went on to have wonderful lives in forever homes.  Just because I haven’t started this blog until now, I don’t want those 5 special dogs to go without their recognition.  By visiting my Happy Tails page, you will be able to see and read about these amazing dogs who each left with a little (or big) piece of my heart.  I will keep that page updated as future dogs come and go.

In case you are new to my life and are unaware, we are currently without a foster dog at the moment.  Our latest foster dog just left our home last week and we are taking a small break.  We will be dogsitting Bailey’s best friend, Gaston, next week for a week or so and are postponing the taking of our next foster dog until afterwards.  As soon as a new dog enters our home, you will know : )


2 Comments to “Animal Rescue and Happy Tails”

  1. Wow, you foster dogs! I think that’s such a wonderful thing to do, I really admire you for that. I’m looking forward to meeting your future foster babies and see how you turn their life around.

  2. I love this idea! I plan to do the same on my blog! Although I’ve been fostering since 2004… so I’m going to have to do some serious research to post pics of all of them… but it’s a very worthwhile project! Thanks for what you do!

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