Day 1: Bailey at the Dog Park


To celebrate Daylights Savings, we made a trip to the dog park this evening.  This particular park is new to our town.  It’s our towns 3rd dog park and by far the best.  They really took a lot into consideration when building it.  It is a great size and filled with neat features, like an agility dogwalk, cement tunnels, slabs of rocks for the dogs to jump on, a pavilion for shade and shelter from sun and rain for the 2 legged creatures, drinking fountains and dog showers.  They even have an irrigation system so that the ground doesn’t get too wet or too dry.  It’s a wonderful park.  The only downside is it is on the other side of town so we don’t get out there too often.

There were quite a few young puppies there tonight.  Bailey has issues with young puppies who are bigger than him.  Napoleon complex at its finest.  One (seen above) was about his size so he was okay.  Another was a 12 week old American Bulldog who Bailey was a little unsure of at first, however he did warm up and actually played a bit.  He spends most of the time hanging out on the rocks or the dogwalk though.  He likes to be up high.


8 Comments to “Day 1: Bailey at the Dog Park”

  1. Your dog park looks very nice! I like how you created your page. This is going to be very cute!!! The “Daily Bailey”, I love it!

    • Thanks Linda :) It took me forever to figure out word press and decide how I wanted it all to look but I’m pretty happy with it. I’m hoping that I am able to stick with it.

  2. Love your blog and the pics are great as always! Dog showers, now that is very nice.

  3. Ow…the first picture is so cute!

  4. Love your photos, Bailey is such a beautiful and friendly boy! Looking forward to more pictures.

    Didi (& George the whippet)

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